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National Narayana Seva(Amrutha Kalashams)
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OM Mandir
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The service rendered must be free of the slightest trace of narrow selfishness.  That is not enough.  The thought of service, SEVA, springs out of Love and it scatters Love in profusion.  …….    Baba

During the 2nd wave of Covid-19 pandemic, many workers and poor fell into financial crisis as they have lost their sustenance and became jobless.

There are so many poor Narayans under Bhajana Mandalis in the purview of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, OM Mandir, Vizianagaram who are expecting some help from SAI Organization to relive from their miserable position.  At this juncture, the OM Mandir devotees have come forward and collected all such poor and needy people from those Bhajana Mandali areas and brought them to OM Mandir platform on 19-06-2021.

Commemorating the occasion of Mahila day, the Mahila devotees have distributed Amrut Kalasams to 63 poor Narayans on 19-06-2021 with much love and dedication. Each Amruta Kalasam contains 10 Kg Rice, Red-gram, Edible oil, Sugar, Red Chilly, Jaggery, Salt and Tamarind etc. which will be sufficient for 1 month.  The Convener Sri G Sanyasi Naidu has made all arrangements and the mahila devotee-sevadal executed the program of packing and distribution.


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