Thandularchana Program in Badvel, Railway Kodur, Vempalle and Pulivendula Samithis on 02.02.2020.

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Balvikas Classes
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Balvikas Centre/Mandir
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Badvel, Vempalle, Railway Kodur and Pulivendula Samithis
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K.V.C.Silpa, IT Incharge
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Sairam: With profound grace of  our beloved Bhagawan,Sai Gayatri  chant with Thandularchana has done at   Railway Kodur Samithi  with the following participants on 02.02.2020.
No. of Balaviks students Participated: 8, 
Member: 1.
Sairam: With swami blessings,  chanting of 108 Sai Gayatri Thandularchana mantra has  done by balavikas students, devotees and sevadal members at Pulivendla Mandhir.
Participated centers.  5
Boys.   19
Girls.     32
Gurus.     5
Divotees 21
Parents.  13
Total participants.  90 
Total Japan number 9720.
SAIRAM: Wth Swamy's grace we have conducted 'Sai Gayathri Thandularchana' programme in Vempalli Samithi with the following participants.
Balavikas Boys: 7,
Girls:  5,
Gurus: 2,
Mahils: 5,
Gents: 5.
Om Sri Sairam:  with Swami blessings, SAI GAYATRI THANDULARCHANA programme  in Badvel samithi  has done. 
Total Members: 
Balavikas Girls:7,
Balavikas Boys: 6,
Mahilas: 13,
Gents: 4.
Some photos submitted to the feet of Bhagawan.

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